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Fortune Spark Scholarship Foundation

While our primary goal is to present a scholarship award to one exceptional student, we’re also here to help you get into, prepare for, and adapt to college. We’re constantly expanding our resources and programs to cover all aspects of college life and the preparation required while you’re still in high school to get yourself ready for college life. Not just after graduating high school, but as early as junior high. Browse through our resources for useful tips and advice that will have you feeling more comfortable about your upcoming college experience; while the transition from high school to higher education isn’t an easy one, there are ways to prepare so that you’re not as stressed out about it as you could be.

Student Resources

Prepare yourself before graduation

Don't wait till senior of high school, before taking matters seriously concerning life after grad. The earlier the better.

Parents Resources

No just proud but helpul parent.

The best way to show how proud you are is not by words only but by also assisting your children to prepare for the journey ahead.

College Prep

Transition from Senior To Freshman

Perpahs the most important factor of your college life is how you adapt during your freshman year on campus.