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Parent Resources

Fortune Spark Scholarship Foundation

Are you a parent who’s looking ahead to your child’s college years? Or just about to face the first tuition bill? Here are some resources to help parents save for college, learn about financial aid, and understand the application process.
Throughout this website, you’ll find useful information about paying for college with the federal student aid programs. We’d like to point out some pages of the site, and other resources, that might be of particular interest to parents.


Whether you’re a student or parent, years away from college or just about to start, the following checklists will help you get ready.

Elementary School Checklist: Student and parent checklists that start the student on the road to enjoying learning and point the parent to resources for college savings accounts.

Middle School Checklist: Student and parent checklists that get the student thinking about high school and possible careers and encourage the parent to keep an eye on the student’s progress.

High School Checklist:
Student and parent checklists that help the student focus on succeeding academically and learning about financial aid and provide the parent with tips for supporting the student and participating in the financial aid application process.

9th Grade Checklist

10th Grade Checklist

11th Grade Checklist

12th Grade Checklist

Adult Student Checklist: Checklist for adults applying to college, including those who left high school before graduating, graduated high school, completed some college courses, or may be in the workforce.

Getting a Late Start?—Last-minute Checklist: Checklist for anyone who has been accepted at a college and is starting classes soon but hasn’t applied for financial aid yet 

Student Resources

Prepare yourself before graduation

Don't wait till senior of high school, before taking matters seriously concerning life after grad. The earlier the better.

Parents Resources

No just proud but helpul parent.

The best way to show how proud you are is not by words only but by also assisting your children to prepare for the journey ahead.

College Prep

Transition from Senior To Freshman

Perpahs the most important factor of your college life is how you adapt during your freshman year on campus.