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College Prep

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12th grade is the time to apply for admission to college and then to apply for federal student aid by filling out the FAFSASM. Here are some steps to prepare you for college throughout the year to stay on track at this busy time—including learning how to manage federal student aid.

10 Transition tips between high school and college.

1. High school is mandatory and usually free. College is voluntary and expensive.
2. Your time is structured by others. You manage your own time.
3. You need permission to participate in extracurricular activities. You must decide whether to participate in co-curricular activities.
4. You can count on parents and teachers to remind you of your responsibilities and to guide you in setting priorities. You must balance your responsibilities and set priorities. You will face moral and ethical decisions you have never faced before.
5. Each day you proceed from one class directly to another, spending 6 hours each day--30 hours a week--in class. You often have hours between classes; class times vary throughout the day and evening and you spend only 12 to 16 hours each week in clas
6. You are not responsible for knowing what it takes to graduate. Graduation requirements are complex, and differ from year to year. You are expected to know those that apply to you.
7. You will usually be told what to do and corrected if your behavior is out of line. You're are expected to take responsibility for what you do and don't do, as well as for the consequences of your decisions.
8. Classes generally have no more than 35 students. Classes may number 100 students or more.
9. You do most of your studying in class, with homework as a back-up. You do most of your studying outside of class (at least 2 to 3 hours outside of class for each hour in class) with lectures and other class work as a guide.
10. You may graduate as long as you have passed all required courses with a grade of D or higher. You may graduate only if your average in classes meets the departmental standard--typically a 2.0 or C.

Student Resources

Prepare yourself before graduation

Don't wait till senior of high school, before taking matters seriously concerning life after grad. The earlier the better.

Parents Resources

No just proud but helpul parent.

The best way to show how proud you are is not by words only but by also assisting your children to prepare for the journey ahead.

College Prep

Transition from Senior To Freshman

Perpahs the most important factor of your college life is how you adapt during your freshman year on campus.